Your Local EMA Winner Is…

Your Local EMA Winner Is…

Isac Elliot!

The Worldwide Act EMA race is heating up!!! The winners of this year’s local awards have been announced, and now Round 2 is heating up. Your local winner is Isac Elliot! And now it’s time to compete with other artists from the same corner of the world, for the honour of being that area’s nominee for Worldwide Act!

Artists from all over the earth have now gotten their fans’ thumbs-up to advance to Round 2 of the Worldwide Act race … and jockey for their shot to represent their area in the ultimate international fan showdown.

Want your local fave to be acknowledged as the globe’s most beloved? Get cracking! Voting for this phase closes at 11:59 PM CET on 31 October … and pm 1 November at 12pm CET, the furious race for Worldwide Act begins!

Check out the full list of local EMA winners who will be competing for a Worldwide Act nomination!